Movement unlocks insights about cognition and human behavior.


About me

I am all smiles when visiting San Francisco, my favorite city!

I am all smiles when visiting San Francisco, my favorite city!


Alicia Hammond

My love of psychology grew out of my love for people.  People are endlessly fascinating: their hopes, their desires, their quirks.  Without a clear career direction, I decided to begin learning about psychology while pursuing my bachelor's at the California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, and I never looked back.

I found direction while studying cognitive psychology at the University of California, Santa Cruz.  Although my research was primarily focused on how movement changes cognition across contexts, I discovered that by adding technology as a lens to my questions about human behavior, I was finding that my basic research was becoming more relevant to people's lives.  I quickly realized I wanted to pursue a career in User Experience Research (UX).

My interest in UX is driven by the same force that guided me to study psychology in the first place: a deep curiosity about people.  I believe that an open mind and an accepting heart are immense assets in industry research, because people will always tell you what they want and need.  Combined with my theoretical understanding of human behavior and a creative approach to research, I find satisfaction in helping connect user's voices to the companies who design and create for them.

After learning about people, my second love is dancing.  I earned a Minor in Dance in undergrad, and continued my dance education with people of various backgrounds as a member of the Bay Area Latin dance scene.  Although I mostly dance salsa and bachata, I am proficient in over 30 styles of partner-based social dancing, and am always itching to learn more. When I am not researching humans or dancing, I enjoy hiking, reading, and spending time with my family.




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